Back Door Catering crafts food that is award winning, competition crushing, comfort infused, perfectly presented, and upscale Texas. What does that mean for you? That means your search for catering ends here!

Back Door Catering is family owned and operated by a brother and sister duo, John and Lauren. Raised by foodies, growing up to become foodies themselves was unavoidable for the pair. Three years after their folks opened Double J Eatery in 2000, John began a catering business for the restaurant specializing in small lunch parties. But, boy! It didn’t stay small for long. The restaurant now caters large luncheons five days a week!

John and Lauren joined forces in 2009. Gone is the sibling rivalry from their younger years. It has been replaced with a healthy dose of sibling camaraderie. Did your parents ever tell you that the play room would be clean before you know it if you’d just work together? Well, there must be some truth to that because their first competition was Top Chef Victoria, a benefit for a local private school for autistic children. And, guess what. They won! And guess what else. They’ve since won three of the four Top Chef Events that they’ve entered! Working together sure has paid off!

Things have only snowballed since. Turns out, maybe their parents were right about everything! Some of their most notable successes have included creating unique menus for various events and weddings in Victoria and the surrounding counties. Some of these include being titled the champion at the first ever Bacon Bash Texas, Taste of the Trail 2012, Legacy Awards for the Victoria Bar Association, County Court at Law #2 Judge Juan Velasquez’ retirement reception, Top Chef 2009-2012, and the Annual St. Joseph High School Jubilee.

Does it count as catering when you’re cooking for your family? Because, John & Lauren value family and time spent together… this is their biggest joy! They get everyone together for cooking and hanging out at least once a week. It is this love of family and entertaining that has inspired the name Back Door Catering. “How so?” you ask. The duo wholeheartedly believes that backdoor guests are best!

Setting themselves apart, John and Lauren have years of experience and endless ingenuity to prepare upscale Texas cuisine presented in a manner which matches the gourmet, scrumptious quality of their food.